About Vicky

"The journey of a thousand mile starts with a step"...

Vicky first started her online journey back in 2012 while she was on her maternity leave. Prior to that, she had received several emails about working from home and making money while sitting on her couch, enjoying her cup of tea and clicking away on the internet!

At first, she doubted the possibility of their claims as it looked too simple and unreal to her, but with continuous bombardment of emails, floods of testimonies from new moms like herself claiming to be making “1000’s of dollars" a day online, she became worn out and decided to jump in.

 The more you look…the less you see!

The biggest challenge for Vicky started when she purchased her first product which was supposed to show her how to make money online, she diligently followed the course step by step and implemented everything the author had said and did not make a dime!

Vicky went on to buy products after products in her pursuit to achieve the “ Financial Freedom” and “Laptop by the beach side” lifestyle the "gurus" had promised her. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and that's when she realised she’s on a while goose chase.

Consequentially, she lost thousands of dollars on that while goose chase due to deceitful and misleading sales pages which promises way more than they delivered.

She suffered serious financial loss and emotional stress as she felt let down by the so called “gurus” who where meant to help her make money online.

Who is to trust online?

It became perfectly clear that no one actually wanted to help others make money online, it is obvious they only wanted your email address and to make you buy their products!

Once you open your wallet and give your credit card, the rug is pulled from underneath the flashy sales pages and you are left with nothing except worthless strategies stuffed with empty promises.  

SmartStepsAcademy.com unveiled!

As soon as Vicky could call herself an “Affiliate marketer” and “Blogger” she immediately started creating valuable content on her own website and YouTube Channel where she teaches people how to do stuff which may be stopping them from moving their online business forward.

She reviews products and provides an honest opinion and fearlessly warns people of low quality products that would not be of any benefit to them, She rather shows people an honest and safe way of making money online – the same method she uses to make money online and grow her business.

Aside her Full time job as an IT Business Analyst, she devotes part of her time to help as much people as possible to become successful online.

Vicky is determined to help prevent anyone who comes in contact with her online from the "wild goose chase" so no one can repeat the mistakes and unpleasant experiences she endured.

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